New: E-candle Royal Battery

Are your chandeliers or candelabras difficult to connect to electricity? This is no problem for our newest product, the E-Candle Royal Battery!

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Save money with LED candlelight

With the E-candles of W3product you can save considerably on your energy bills. Depending on the amount of candles and burning hours, we would be happy to calculate your cost savings!

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Preservation of the authentic atmosphere

The E -candle Royal combines historical ambiance with substantial savings on energy costs. Safeguarding your precious collection from fire hazards is our priority!


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Safe candlelight

The E-candle Easy and E-candle Royal create an authentic and safe atmosphere. Our products enhance your chandelier or candelabra with the warm colour temperature that you are used to!

We are  specialised in LED lighting for chandeliers and candelabras. Our products enhance or preserve the historical ambiance of your building or chandelier.

To find you the right solution we would be happy to help with our advice. Our E-candles are also available in our webshop.

Save costs

The E -candles Easy or Royal are safe and energy efficient, helping you to cut considerably on your insurance-policy premiums and energy costs.

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Do you want to know what the E-candle can contribute to your (listed) building ? We would be happy to help!

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